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Hsoi's Shop: News


5 March 2011

Hsoi's Shop has closed shop. All products and services have transferred to Hsoi Enterprises LLC.

19 October 2007

UUID Generator 1.1 released. New features: your choice of UUID generation algorithms; Universal Binary; huuidgen command line tool; other upgrades and conveniences added.

29 May 2006

All contextual menu plugins are now Universal Binaries, allowing them to work on both PowerPC-based and Intel-based Macs.

4 April 2005

Long overdue releases of the Mac OS X versions of the contextual menu plugins.

7 November 2003

Released CFAbsoluteTimeConverter.

1 December 2002

Posted UUID Generator 1.0b2. Fleshes out the capabilities of the application, including output to the GUI or stdout or Clipboard; and output in various formats including the hyphen-punctuated ASCII string, as individual bytes, or in a format suitable for pasting into your CFPlugIn-based projects as a CFPlugInFactoryID (useful for making CFPlugIn's, including Mac OS X contextual menu plug-ins).

19 February 2002

CVersCaption version 1.6 released. Thanx to Richard Buckle for the kick in pants. :-)

05 January 2002

Did some general updating to the site, including the legal mumbo jumbo.

14 September 2001

Added a clarifiction of my thoughts on yesterday's events to the Workshop.

12 September 2001

My thoughts on yesterday's events have been added to the Workshop.

2 September 2001

Posted UUID Generator, my first publicly released Cocoa app; it's a little tool for generating UUID's.

1 July 2001

Posted updates to 3 CMPlugins, and posted 3 new ones to the Software area.

New: LockItCMPlugin, UnlockItCMPlugin, and MROItCMPlugin.

Updated: DeskPicChangerCMPlugin, FileHierToClipCMPlugin, and FilePathToClipCMPlugin.

12 February 2001

Added an FAQ.

4 February 2001

Added three contextual menu plugins to the Software area: DeskPicChangerCMPlugin, FileHierToClipCMPlugin, and FilePathToClipCMPlugin.

6 April 2000

Added the Software area to the site for the release of future software (typically non-programming-related things).

The first addition to the Software area is Superjudge, a screen saver (After Dark module).

28 December 1999
Moving to new (and better) home at hsoi.com.


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