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Hsoi's Shop: Other Stuff

  • Hsoi's App Shell
    Current Version: 1.0a4 released 21 July 1997
    Price: freeware, just send me email

    Hsoi's App Shell (HAS) is something that I wrote over the course of a year or so to teach myself more about Mac OS programming. Read more....

  • MacMERC
  • MacEnvyMUD
    Current Version: 2.21 and 1.0
    Price: freeware
    MacMERC Download
    MacEnvyMUD Download

    MacMERC and MacEnvyMUD were some of my very first efforts into the world of programming. Mostly, they were just doing a lame port of the Unix source code to Mac under THINK C. The work was based upon what someone else did for MERC 2.0 sources, and I just did it to the new sources of MERC 2.21 and Envy 1.0.

    They totally suck, mostly I keep them here for sentimental purposes. :-) They probably would do a better job and actually work to some degree if I used something like GUSI instead of just making a single-player mode. But what did I know about anything back then? :-)

  • DikuGenesis
    Current Version: none
    Price: vaporware

    DikuGenesis was an ambitious project to write the first "real DikuMUD area editor" for Mac. It started out good, but I never was able to finish it. It was a good learning effort for me, cut my teeth on PowerPlant with it.

    I have decided to pull the binary for it off my Web site. It didn't do anything worthwhile, and all it did do was keep people's hopes up that someday I would finish the project. Well, if I win the lottery, I might be able to do it, but until that day comes, the project has been put to rest. I have thought about releasing the source code to it, but haven't yet made a decision.



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