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Stuff From Hsoi
Posted 9 February 2009

As you can see, almost 10 years ago I started an effort to put my thoughts online. I didn't keep up with it because it was such a manual process and rather cumbersome. Of course being a software engineer I thought to myself that I ought to create such a system of putting your "logs" on the "web", but I never got a round tuit.

After much debate (and with the advent of things like WordPress), I've decided to make a proper blog. For now it's hosted via WordPress.com, but eventually I'll host it out of my hsoi.com domain.

What lies ahead, 2003.
Posted 27 December 2002

Looking back at 2002 and ahead for 2003.

What lies ahead, 2002.
Posted 05 January 2002

Read about what lies ahead for Hsoi and Hsoi's Shop.

Clarification of: ... and let it being with me
Posted 14 September 2001

Given the responses I received to my 12 September 2001 posting, I've clarified and updated my feelings and thoughts on the events of this past week.

... and let it begin with me.
Posted 12 September 2001

Yesterday, Tuesday 11 September 2001 will be a day we will never forget. How will the events of that day be recorded in the history books for all time to see? That is, how will Tuesday 11 September 2001 be remembered? Read more...

The Tao of Programming

The Tao of Programming. I did not write it, I just like it and have a copy posted here.

Always Assert
Posted 29 December 1999

I learned a valuable lesson today.

It's three days until Christmas (1999). The batteries are charging on the video camera. Wife comes in and asks me to reload the film in the camera (no digital camera, yet). Read more....



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