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Hsoi's Legal Mumbo Jumbo

This area discusses various legal things that, like it or not, have to be said in this litigious day and age.

A disclaimer from my friend Rainer Brockerhoff's web site.

Hsoi is my trademark. So is Hsoi's Shop and the variant spelling, hsoishop.

Softwares listed on this site, including by not limited to the softwares itself, the source code, and the names of things, should be considered copyrighted and/or trademarked unless otherwise explicitly noted. The main reason I maintain copyright is mostly to maintain some level of control over the end product (my name's on it, so I want to ensure a quality product). I strive (and struggle) to find ways to allow all parties involved here to benefit -- both you and me. I believe releasing source code is a Good Thing (tho it's difficult to maintain... which is in itself partly a reason to release and open up source code). Sharing is good. I once read in a wise man's sig, "Share and Enjoy" (S+E). But on the same token, I need to support and provide for my family. I'm working to find the way to make that work since software development is mainly a service industry.

Really... my bottom line about it all is just be cool with it, man. Don't mess with me and I won't mess with you. Live and let live. Treat others as you'd want to be treated. Don't tread on me. Take responsibility for yourself. Share, smile, and laugh a little.

All pages hosted on hsoi.com, hsoi.net, and hsoi.org, including but not limited to their content, presentation, display, styling, format belong to and are ©1999-2005John C. Daub (Hsoi). All rights reserved. You're welcome to (re)using things and share with others, just make sure to give proper credit and not misrepresent where things have come from. And if you wish to give something in return, consider giving to the greater good: donate some of your time volunteering each month; take your kids fishing and leave the sit cleaner than when you got there. Just try to give something good back to the world.



These pages copyright ©1999-2005 John C. Daub. All rights reserved.
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Page Created: 28 December 1999
Last Modified: 3 April 2005